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Fails Of The Week: Insane Clown Posse Hates Science, No Dylan In China, Rihanna & Ke$ha's Auto-Tour

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Never mind that the explanations behind some of these "miracles" makes them even more amazing; Violent J and Shaggy prefer not to hear from scientists, who are "motherfuckin' lying and getting me pissed." It's all perfectly harmless until you realize that both of these guys are fathers and will be raising their children to show similar disdain for science and curiosity, a fact that adds a twinge of sadness to an otherwise hilarious epic of fail-pop. Sure, let the kids swear, listen to rap, and wear makeup and Juggalo clothes all they want; all that stuff is fine with us. But at least encourage them to learn about things, ICP.

Bob Dylan Won't Be Freewheelin' Through China: This item isn't really surprising, but it's still sad: rock and roll icon Bob Dylan will not be allowed to play anywhere in China on his upcoming tour. This is a massive fail on the Chinese government's part, once again denying its people art and music because of their megalomaniacal need to control any and all expression that comes into their country (you know, the same shit the American government tries to do and are, lucky for the rest of us, terrible at). Still, it must feel pretty badass to be Bob Dylan, pushing 70 years of age and now forbidden to even enter the borders of one of the most powerful countries in the world due to his status as an "icon of the counterculture movement." We hope he doesn't require one for a long time, but when Dylan does eventually get a tombstone, we nominate "Icon of the Counterculture Movement" for the short list of what should go on it.

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