Faith and the Muse
Faith and the Muse

Faith And The Muse Headline Goth Show Of The Year

The night that is shaping up to be THE Goth event of the year is Saturday at Numbers, when Faith and the Muse and Voltaire take the stage. Formed in 1993 in the Washington D.C. area, Faith and the Muse is a gothic mainstay. Previously, vocalist Monica Richards had been a part of Strange Boutique, while her partner William Faith had worked with iconic acts like Christian Death and Sex Gang Children in the late '80s and early '90s. It's been ten years since the legendary act has toured through Houston, and seven since a major U.S. tour. But when Seraphemera Books owner Marc Moorash caught the band at a show in Portland, he knew that he had to bring the band home to meet his dark little family. "The show they put on is amazing," says Moorash. "Nine performers, including Taiko drummers. And no other independent band is putting on a show like this and taking it on tour. Most of them can't afford to, but Faith and the Muse has such a steady following that they're willing to put on an unforgettable performance."

The show has been two years in the making, with a budding friendship between Moorash, Richards and Faith. The trio have worked closely together, with Moorash having a hand in the band's latest release, Ankoku Botoh. No bare-bones, digital-only album for these artists, Ankoku comes with a CD, DVD and 30-page booklet designed to fully enhance and enrapture the dedicated fan with input from Moorash's company, Seraphemera Books, which also handled the filming of the video for the album's first single, "Battle Hymn." Joining Moorash as promoters are Mr. And Mrs. Sinched of Sinched Corsets. The couple bonded with Faith and the Muse over a love of wildlife rescue, both groups working at rehabilitating injured animals at their respective country homes. Mr. Sinched has joined Robert Ehlinger, Carmina Bell, and Moorash in a renaissance of Goth music promotion, proving that an audience exists in Houston, and that acts who have previously declined to venture or return can be guaranteed an audience by the sizable and fiercly loyal Goth community in Houston. "I just want to giving back to a community that has supported me," said Mr. Sinched. Saturday's audience members can also look forward to a chance to be a part of history, as the show is due to be tracked for live audio and filmed by a crew who will also follow the band to New Orleans in an attempt to completely capture the Muse's compelling live performance. Hopefully, we won't be upstaged by the Big Easy.

Joining Faith and the Muse on stage is Voltaire, in his semi-yearly journey down to see us. Moorash has been bringing the sarcastic, spooky troubadour down here for several years for solo acoustic sets, and once for a memorable show including his full band. Voltaire, whose day job is a college professor, is famous for his snarky pokes at the Goth community, as well as the power and sincerity of his more serious songs. Often the two categories exist side by side, and every CD can be counted on to elicit laughs as well as tears. Already this year, Numbers has seen an almost sold-out show for Anything Box, and if the work by our aspiring promoters is any indication, the old fortress on Westheimer may be enjoying even more legendary spooksters within its hallowed walls. Saturday's show may be tough to beat, though. Faith and the Muse and Voltaire perform at Underworld, the monthly industrial/Goth night hosted by DJs Mina, Pthalo & vvJames and mistress of ceremonies DJ Scary Lady Sarah. 9 p.m. Saturday, May 8 at Numbers, 300 Westheimer, 713-526-6551 or $12 advance tickets ($15 day-of) available at the club or online here.

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