Faith And The Muse Invade Numbers For Live DVD

As far as we know, no full concert films have ever been shot at Numbers. Oh, Asmodeus X and Provision did some music videos, and some awesome footage of a Revolting Cocks performance has made the rounds, but no full-on concert films. After seeing what Marc Moorash of Seraphemea did with Faith and the Muse's performance earlier this year on thei Shoumei tour, we can't help but wonder: Why the hell not?

Faith and the Muse didn't bring a little show here, either. The band included multiple percussionists, a string section, and two ballet dancers/back-up singers in addition to all the normal trappings of a death rock band. We haven't seen the stage at Numbers look so full and impressive since Shadow Reichenstein brought a whole haunted house as a backdrop. And Faith and the Muse uses every inch of it in an absolutely epic performance that should fully cement them as the inheritors of the mantle that Siouxsie has let drop over the last couple of years.

Of particular note is the absolute crystal-clear sound quality on the DVD. You can hear every word, every note with as much precision as what was seen on the acclaimed Cure Trilogy DVD. Even on the crappy portable DVD player we sneaked into the day job you can feel the thunder of the drums in "Bushido" and sway with the audience when they erupted for "Proudly Worn Scars."

The delivery of Monica Richards and William Faith is what really makes a concert from the duo something unforgettable. Somewhere between Cassandra and Jim Jones they tread a line that makes every utterance, no matter how dark, angry, ethereal or sublime into poetic prophecy. They do not entertain. They command! They do not strut. They march. It really made us want to carry a flag somewhere.

That's not to say its all doom and gloom. Faith and the Muse may have written one of the few true goth party anthems in "Sovereign." It seriously plays like a goth "Rock and Roll All Night," and if the sheer desire to dance in the dark poured out like a death ray thorugh a six-inch screen, we cannot even imagine the cortex-erasing wave of pleasure it must have been in the front row.

All in all, we have two things that rock very hard here. One, a major, legendary act filmed a DVD at one of Houston's oldest and most beloved venues. Hopefully it will help dispel any more rumors of the club's closing. Two, we have on our hands a local filmmaker in Marc Moorash who shot a band and stands toe to toe with any major-label production company.

It's a great time to be a Houston goth.

Purchase the DVD here.

Numbers is celebrating Halloween tonight, tomorrow and Sunday. See numbersnightclub.com for details.

Jef With One F is the author of The Bible Spelled Backwards Does Not Change the Fact That You Cannot Kill David Arquette and Other Things I Learned In the Black Math Experiment, available now.

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