Fallen Grey Ready To Rise Through The Modern-Rock Ranks

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It would be completely acceptable for you to hate the modern-rock five-piece Fallen Grey. They're loud and contemporary and pseudo-aggressive and take pictures sitting in black leather chairs. Of course, those are all ridiculous reasons to hate them. There's only one good reason to hate: Because they're likely far more talented than you are.

Having been relatively quiet in Houston thus far, FG is poised for a breakout few months. Every day their sound gets honed closer and closer to that pinpoint laser destruction they appear to be chasing; from what we hear, their live shows are crisp and clean and energetic; and again, they have those pictures of themselves in those black leather chairs.

So we reached out to the sirs to cut it up about guitar demolition, the "worst" song on their EP and the meaning behind their apocryphal logo that's really not that apocryphal.

Rocks Off: Artist of the Week opener: Tell everyone everything they need to know about Fallen Grey in exactly six words.

Fallen Grey: Super-fun angry good-time band.

RO: Rough estimate: How many guitars have you all destroyed at live shows?

FG: Three. Unfortunately, none of them were ours.

RO: Are you all aware that all of your online stuff is out of date? We were reading a blog of yours that looked promising, only to realize later that it was written in 2008. One time we accidentally drank a drink from a tiny carton of milk that was several weeks old. It was the worst. Updates, brother. Updates.

FG: Yes, keeping up to date with all our online stuff is one thing we need improve on as a band, but really it's Jay who dropped the ball on this one. It's his mess and we'll be damned if we're gonna clean it up.

RO: Let's say that you had to pick one song from your EP as slightly less awesome than all of the rest. Which is it? Why?

FG: For me (Tobin) it would probably be "Trapped." It's an awesome song that everyone just grooved on from the first time we jammed it, and it was definitely the easiest of the three to record.

However, when it came time to giving it all those dark nuances that make it a Fallen Grey song, we did most of it in post production, as opposed to "Comatose" and "Slideshow" where, with the help of our producer Jim Finley, we really deconstructed the songs and looked at different ways of approaching them, and in the end found a way for the guitars to work off each other to give the songs that darker tone.

RO: Can you explain y'all's logo please? It's been driving us nutsos. What is it? What does it mean? Is it related to The Da Vinci Code, somehow? Or Converse tennis shoes? It has to be one of those, right?

FG: I guess we've just come to refer to it as the winged shield logo. The logo itself doesn't really have any meaning or reference to Converse or the Da Vinci Code. However, if you can decipher the clue hidden in it, it will start you on a cross-country journey where you must solve a series of clues and puzzles that will ultimately lead you to the lost treasure of the Freemasons.

Aside from that, it was something that the late Ronnie Casso did for us when we first got together, and I think we all felt it was a great icon for our music. The wings and shield are powerful image, but it also has a rusted, worn, and damaged look. And I think that is a great way to describe our music. We want the overall sound of the band to be massive and powerful, and the subjects of our lyrics usually have to deal with darker issues like personal flaws, doubts, and self control, or lack thereof.

RO: When, where and for how much can people see you all live next?

FG: Dec. 3 at BFE Rock Club, 11528 Jones Rd. Tickets are $10 at the door. Please come out to the show and have a good time with some good bands.

RO: Anything you want to make sure gets mentioned? Now's the time to do it.

FG: We want to to say thanks to Jim Finley (our producer) and Brian Baker (engineer at Sound Arts Recording Studios). They've been a great source of guidance and knowledge. We've had a great time working with them.

We hope to have or album finished by this summer, and our EP is available now on iTunes, Amazon MP3, or you can purchase the CD through us.

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