Fanning the Flames: The Top 10 Performances at Woodstock 99

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10. Korn

Woodstock 99 was something of a high water mark for Korn. The band was at the absolute height of its popularity at the time, riding high on the mainstream success of its 1998 album Follow the Leader. The sight of a rippling sea of 100,000 or so music fans pogoing along to "Blind" bummed out a hell of a lot of teenagers stuck at home across America, watching footage of the set on MTV. On several occasions, members of Korn have cited Woodstock as the most memorable show of their careers.

9. DMX

DMX was one of hip hop's strongest live performers of the '90s, and his set at Woodstock gave him an outsized stage to match his persona. X proved more than up to the challenge presented by the endless crowd, radiating energy as he stalked back and forth across the stage. His gruff rhymes kept the audience bouncing in what had to be a major career highlight for the rapper.

8. The Roots ft. Erykah Badu

Like nearly everybody not named Metallica that played Woodstock 99, the legendary Roots crew stepped their game up noticeably in front of the big crowd. Always a reliable live act, the Roots brought out a resplendent Erykah Badu for their set's highlight, "You Got Me." Today, it's a potent reminder that there were plenty of positive vibes floating around the festival, regardless of the ugliness at the end.

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