Father John Misty Gives Fitz a Religious Experience

Father John Misty Fitzgerald's April 23, 2015

As liters of sweat dripped from my face while standing on the balcony of Fitzgerald's on Thursday night, I couldn't tell whether the overwhelming heat in the room was the result of a broken AC unit or Father John Misty's sultry, sexy moves onstage. As the show progressed, he teased the audience by introducing one of his songs with, "It's about to get even hotter, even more intimate," while proceeding to talk about how he wanted to take off his shirt; substantial screams came from the girls in the front row every time he touched his top button.

Misty then proceeded to move around the stage like he does: prancing around, getting on top of the kick drum, twisting and turning like he was at a church revival or maybe experiencing an exorcism. I looked to my right and a girl was hanging from the wooden beam above the balcony. Where was I?

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Ivan Guzman