Father John Misty Is a Dangerous Man

Josh Tillman has always been a man some might describe as a malcontent, but he wasn't always so damn dangerous. He first busted onto the scene in 2005 with a slew of hand-recorded demos sliding easily into the role of most-tortured folksinger, but he gained national recognition with a stint as drummer for Fleet Foxes.

Last year saw another reinvention of the reverend when Tillman shed his birth-given moniker to reemerge as Father John Misty, philosophizing badass.

His 2012 debut, Fear Fun, was conceived during a coastal highway soul-searching mission that landed Tillman smack dab in Gram Parsons and Jack Kerouac country with a van full of mushrooms.

The resulting sonically mischievous and full-on sexually deviant gem full of stories about lost souls put Tillman right back in the limelight, maybe related to the solid notoriety of Fleet Foxes, but more likely to the openly shrewd and dangerous actions of a man hellbent on redefining himself - even if it includes posting semi-nude photos of himself all over the Internet.

While malcontent might have described Tillman's persona before, "dangerous" is a bit more fitting now.

Five more reasons why Tillman is a dangerous man:

1. He WANTS to be punched in the face. Need we say more?

2. Tillman suffers from Jekyll and Hyde syndrome. We are all actors on the stage of life, some of us a lost cause and some of us making real progress. In the case of Tillman, we're not sure just yet which road he's traveling.

3. He gives new meaning to the phrase "recreational drug use." It's not about partying, claims Tillman, but more about breaking down the idiopathic anger of the righteous self and finding deeper meaning within.

4. Just check out Tillman's Tumblr page. Semi-nudity warning! He gets off on posting photos of himself with strip-club dancers. How's that for amping up shock value?

5. He swashbuckles whiskey onstage like it's water. Here he makes Jim Morrison look like a lightweight, and when it comes to ravaging hotel rooms --which always results in more nudie photos -- he easily makes Keith Moon look like an amateur.

Catch Father John Misty's dangerous antics tonight at Fitzgerald's with Jessica Pratt. Doors open at 7 p.m.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.