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Feast Your Ears on BeatKing's Awesome Jay Z/Solange Freestyle

Monday, the Earth shook.

Well, not really, but if you deal with gossip the way journalists, social-media commentators and those who wield Photoshop for evil purposes, Solange fighting Jay Z in an elevator shook everything imaginable.

The days that have followed have been awkward. The facade of privacy that Beyoncé and Jay have put up for a solid decade (forever, in Bey's case) finally cracked a bit. Speculation about the couple's marriage flared up, their "IV" tattoos were either visible or completely gone in recent photos, and some questioned whether Jay really learned anything outside "block" in his Tae Bo classes. Did Tae Bo ever teach us anything that Hip Hop Abs didn't? All of this matters.

No one who wasn't there knows what was said in that elevator. If Solange did indeed go after Jay for his slick jabs about going to a Rihanna afterparty, then we know now that Rihanna is the most powerful woman in the world (sorry, Oprah and Olivia Pope). Michelle Obama may hold up a sign saying #BringBackTheOnTheRunTour if things spiral out even further. There's a certain level of pissed off if a woman deletes a host of your pictures from her Instagram page -- that's what scorned girlfriends do, not Solange and Beyoncé.

Yet Beyoncé's rather stoic reaction, matched only by her sister's ferocity, tells us something we already kind of knew. Solange is the unapologetic wild child who, on 2008's "God Given Name," famously declared that's she's no sister, rather her own woman. Her sound, influences and style are all different, her "cool" more organic. By comparison, Beyoncé in plenty of people's eyes? Porcelain, protective and unresponsive to the bait laid out before her.

All of it has led to life's next logical step: a BeatKing freestyle on the matter. Almost immediately, Houston's rapper of the moment jumped on the topic, releasing the track as a dual single alongside his "Killin It," that one produced by G Luck & B Don. 97.9 The Boxx played the freestyle to lead off their 5 p.m. hour on Monday, and has been ever since. The track incorporates Chun-Li sound effects, Jay Z's "let that bitch breathe" from his American Gangster Nas collaboration, "Success," and Beyoncé's "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot."

The gospel according to BeatKing? He'll stop making these freestyles the moment they stop being funny to him.


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