Felix da Housecat

Chicago-based DJ Felix Da Housecat takes a journey back to disco with his new release Virgo Blaktro and the Movie­disco, navigating through various sonic textures from that bygone era. Felix carefully researched the genre when it was at its highest point circa 1979, and acknowledges its influence on today's dance music scene in more ways than most would like to admit. In "Like Something for Porno," one of the disc's most memorable moments, vocalist Vanessa "Cleo" sings like Debbie Harry during Blondie's "Heart of Glass" phase. The synth-rich "Sweetfrosti" recalls the silliness of early disco, with almost nonsensical lyrics and female orgasmic "uhs" throughout. "Blacktro Man" echoes long-gone blaxploitation flicks, and "It's Been a Long Time" heads straight into Bad Company territory with its monster guitar riffs. "Pretty Girls Don't Dance" begins with a techno-inflected beat that leads into "Tweak," a tune with more contemporary beats and tracks, very little music and sparse lyrics. But that foray into modern times doesn't last, and "NightTripperz" throws listeners right back into Felix's time machine.

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Barteldes, Ernest