Feuding Friendswood Bands to Throw Down at Baybrook Mall

Rocks Off been so far removed from mall culture that we had almost forgot that Hot Topic existed. Not that we ever meditated on where on 14-year old girls get their "Twilight" shirts and metal gauntlets from or anything...

Apparently local Hot Topic locations have been hosting acoustic shows by local artists, aiming to cultivate a grassroots scene away from those bands with shirts on their trendy brick walls. We got wind of a Ladyheat gig coming up soon at Katy Mills, plus a few scattered one-off sets at other outlying locations by other Houston bands.

Tonight, a guerilla-warfare assault of sorts is rumored to be going down at Baybrook Mall in Friendswood. As of this moment, we are negotiating our way out of a Knights of Columbus fish fry with the 'rents to hit this up. Self-proclaimed Christian death-metal band Hematidrosis are set play an acoustic set at the Baybrook Hot Topic across from Buckle. But not if Friendswood's own 10th Grade Cutie has anything to do with it.

We just tooled around the Hematidrosis MySpace site and we are not sure if that kind of jazz will translate well with hollow-bodied strumming and people picking up Affliction tees for their weekend sexcapades across the hall.

10th Grade Cutie has some sort of beef with the dudes, chick and robot head in Hematidrosis, and are looking to ruin their acoustic set with an acoustic set of their own inside the store as the other band plays. Plus they are bringing an Imperial Storm Trooper for added protection.

We are not shitting you.

"If all goes according to plan Hot Topic won't let bands play anymore because of us," 10GC lead singer Lil' Blaine told us.

Lately, Rocks Off has been digging on 10th Grade Cutie, who sound like a bunch of baby bastard G.G. Allin's who stole a Scenekids drum machine and decided to make a Captain Beefheart tribute album. They seem to be pretty progressive and foul for their age, and that gets us excited.

And they have no aversion to guerilla performances. Recently they played a show in the parking lot of a Whataburger until the Friendswood fuzz came down on them. [Editor's note: do not fuck with Friendswood cops. They don't even need a reason.]

So we are forgoing a free fish dinner to watch some kids have a fight. Maybe. You never know. We'll bring a camera. If not, we can get Dippin' Dots or something instead.

They are the "Ice Cream of the Future" after all.
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Craig Hlavaty
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