Screwston, Texas

Filero Battles with the Past, Takes Control of His Future. Second In a Two-Part Series.

[Ed. Note. See Part 1 of Rocks Off's encounter with Filero here.]

When we talked to Filero about how much the rap game has changed since he saw the first Texas Latino rap album, actually a cassette, in the Gulfgate Mall Sam Goody, he says things that make him sound like an old man. This in turn makes us an old man, because he expressed some things we agree with, like wanting to see more originality.

But who doesn't?

"I wish people would stop doing all these mixtapes and start doing more original music," says Filero. "There's no more originality in the game. Everything's a fashion show. Rap was the CNN of the streets. Now everybody wants to talk about clothes, cars and jewelry. People want to be followers. We need more leaders. Put more albums out. Do a mixtape after your album is done."

Filero was one the first guys to call us when the Rocks Off started working this Latino rap beat and he said something that surprised us: "You're a writer. That's good. We need more Meskin writers. Everybody wants to rap, but there's a need for people to become active in other parts of the business."

And it was then that we knew Filero had something more to say if given the chance.

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Contributor Rolando Rodriguez is the co-founder of Trill Multicultural.