Screwston, Texas

Filero Isn't Scared To Tell the Un-fairy Tale. First of a Two-Part Series.

This could be our most controversial Latino rap blog yet, or the first of many. We really don't know yet. We can tell you what we do know. We're 16 stories in and just starting to scratch the surface of the dynamics of Houston's Latino rap game. Since Rocks Off started riding this Latino rap wave, it's been smooth sailing.

Most of the artists we've featured pay homage to the most successful Texas Latin rap artist in history, SPM. We wondered when the wave was going to come crashing down. After talking to Texas Latin rap pioneer Filero, we got drowned with reality and left the conversation reaching for the surface, gasping for air.

Pimp C called out Young Jeezy because he didn't give a fuck. Truth, or his perception of it, pulled rank over his other half's friendship with Jeezy, so he put Mr. 16.5 on blast for not calling himself Mr. 10-a-key. And young folk, who probably didn't know Pimp C because they were shitting their diapers when Sweet James Jones was helping lay the foundation for Southern rap, probably looked at Tony Snow like, "N*gga, where you come from?"

Filero compared himself to Pimp C when we talked to him, because when it comes to the pretty picture many have about Houston Latino rap and its evolution, he isn't scared to put his bare hand on it and play "wax on, wax off."

If anyone has that right, it's Filero. We'll tell you why.

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Contributor Rolando Rodriguez is the co-founder of Trill Multicultural.