Will Smith sings the praises of Loopy on a recent Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.
Will Smith sings the praises of Loopy on a recent Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.

Five Apps Music-Loving Houstonians Need

When you are a music aficionado, the Apple vs. Android debate doesn't matter much so long as you have access to your jams. Since these folks no doubt already have apps like Spotify or Pandora, here are a few unique apps that both rappers and rockers will find intriguing. Whether you feel like rocking out or creating rock (or rap) of your own, there's something here for you.

FOR THE CONCERT CONNOISSEUR Bandsintown: This fabulous app offers a personalized list of local concerts. Your favorite bands will be pulled from other apps you undoubtedly already have on your device, like Pandora, Spotify, Twitter, Facebook, Rdio, and your Google Play or iTunes library. Bandsintown then recommends local concerts based on the artists and genres it discovers, instantly giving you a list of the latest shows at your fingertips. Essential if you simply have to be the first to know about a show.

FOR THE ROCKIN' RUNNERS DJRun: If you need music for motivation while you're tearing up the treadmill, DJ Run is a necessary addition. The app first works like a pedometer and detects the beats and steps per minute of your workout. Then it integrates tunes from your phone with your running pattern, so your music matches your pace; suddenly your workout goes from discordant drill to synchronized stride.

FOR THE INQUIRING EAR Shazam: Hear a song on the radio and want to know the title? The next time that happens, Shazam it! Your device will act as a second set of knowledgeable ears, listening to the song and instantly identifying it. Then Shazam will allow you to explore, purchase and share the information. Those on the go can also save Shazam-ed songs for later.

FOR THE BOSS BEATBOXER Loopy: Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith recently joined forces on The Tonight Show and used Loopy to create their own version of Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock's "It Takes Two." This easy-to-use looper allows you to layer a variety of recordings to create your own music. Whether you are a beatboxer or a serious guitarist, Loopy will enable you to create and save your own music easily. It's also great for entertaining drunken attempts at artistry.

FOR THE CONCERT CURATOR Qello Concerts: Do you wish you were at Woodstock, but you were born a little too late? This film collection allows users to watch footage of concerts and documentaries from the past decade instantly. From Elvis to Beyoncé, Qello offers a variety of genres over almost 100 years, as well as behind-the-scenes footage and interviews. Whether you're a fan of Muse or Michael Jackson, you will be streaming their live shows in HD anytime you want.

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