Five Artists Who Have Grown Up Too Soon

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Most child stars go through a ton of things being in the spotlight and hitting puberty in front of America. We've all seen it from Britney to Lindsay, they're going from Disney to "Daaaamn" way too fast.

Although I love it -- and at 24, I grew up with some of them -- I still have a hard time hearing some sexed-up lyrics or seeing racy photos from some artists who used to be the sweetest angels. Still waiting on Taylor Swift to wild out and rebel, but for now let's take a look how some artists went from sweetest to steamiest.

5. Rihanna Now, Rihanna is a special case because I honestly think that she was sexy from the start. It's just that in the past few years, I think RiRi has been trying to outsex herself.

Back in 2011, I did a piece for Rocks Off about Rihanna's most controversial music videos; some of those were even banned from being played in certain countries. I have to admit the first time I heard Rihanna's song "Cockiness," I clutched my pearls a few times.

Let's go back to 2005, when Rihanna made sweet songs like "If It's Loving that You Want." Yeah, she's scantily clad in this video too, but she's on a beach. Like I said before, she was always sexy.

Compare "Pon De Replay" with "Cockiness"

4. Justin Bieber It seems like 2009 was just yesterday, and Bieber had perfectly coiffed hair and was adorable enough to make anyone melt and say "Awww" when he sang. Now the once-precious angel is 19 and doing it all, from allegedly smoking weed to showing off his ripped body and getting tough with the paparazzi.

He apologized for not being perfect after the weed-smoking incident, but he seems to like showing off that body a bit much. Justin is all grown up and awkwardly grinding on Nicki Minaj in his video for "Beauty and The Beat," and it's a lot to accept.

Compare "Baby" and "Beauty and the Beat"

3. Chris Brown OK, I know what you're thinking: he's an asshole. But before we go into why we hate him so much, let's go back to 2005 when Brown was only 16 and pop-locking in clothes that were too big for him.

Around this time, I was still in high school and Brown's debut album was sort of the soundtrack to teenage love. Everything about him was sweet, and when the video for his single "Yo" came out he had a little piece of your heart, admit it.

Now Chris is all sexed out, he hardly wears shirts and makes songs like "No Bullshit." In that one, he sings "Reach up in the dresser where the condoms is." Geez, Chris. We don't get any cute subliminals in his music anymore, just a topless and tattooed freak.

Compare "Yo" and "No Bullshit"

2. Omarion Omarion is dear to me because once upon a time I was a crazed 13-year-old B2K fan. My bedroom wallpaper was literally just posters of the boy group, and I would chop anyone's head off for saying anything bad about B2K.

Over time, Omarion went from wearing matching outfits with his fellow group members to smoking-hot bedroom scenes in music videos with models wearing next to nothing. After signing to Rick Ross' label MMG, Omarion has an alter ego by name of "Maybach O" and some points to prove, people.

Compare B2K's "Why I Love You" and Omarion's "MIA"

1. Miley Cyrus Miley has done it all. She has been your little sister's annoying idol for years as Disney teen dream Hannah Montana. Then just like that, you blink and she shows up online in sexy bikinis, grabbing stripper butts at nightclubs, and in the studio with Juicy J. Her Instagram and Twitter feeds show us what a big girl she's become in just a few short years.

Compare Hannah Montana's "Supergirl" and Cyrus' "Can't Be Tamed"

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