Classic Rock Corner

Five Covers of the Cure That Don't Suck

For this latest edition of "things that don't suck," we decided to look at one of the most talked-about and anticipated headliners of this year's Austin City Limits Festival: the Cure. The Cure's legacy in pop-culture history is inestimable. A generation of teenage goths owes their ethos to front man Robert Smith, his lyrics, his style, and his hair. Johnny Depp practically owes his career to Smith.

In terms of people owing Smith, we have to also consider how many bands owe at least a portion of their sound to Smith's songwriting. After all, the Cure's influence is widespread in all facets of indie-rock since the '80s. For better or worse, though, when bands decide to pay tribute and cover one of the Cure's tracks, the results can be pretty mixed.

So in honor of all that, I decided to look back on some of the ones that succeeded at not sucking.

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Corey Deiterman