Five Fictional Musicians We'd Like to See Onstage

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Ricky Gervais is a man on a mission. After seeing his own musical dreams go up in smoke back in the '80s, when the failure of his little-known New Wave group Seona Dancing thrust him towards comedy, Gervais wants to make the musical dreams of his fictional character David Brent (from the UK version of The Office) a reality.

That means playing rock shows with Brent's band Foregone Conclusion. No, that's not a joke. You can really go see Gervais in London playing David Brent fronting a rock band. That got me to thinking, though. While I'd rather hear Gervais tell jokes than sing, I came up with a few fictional musicians I'd actually like to see onstage.

5. Dr. Frasier Crane On his long-running TV show Frasier, Kelsey Grammer frequently displayed his talent as a singer. Personally, I always loved his jazz act over the end credits of each episode, singing the song "Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs," which was written for the show. You could really see Grammer performing it in a smoky jazz club; he has a natural talent for that old-school lounge vibe.

Grammer is busy these days playing the villain of the new Transformers film, but I'd love to see him take that lounge-singing act on tour, playing Frasier again and interspersing the performance with little references to the show. It might be fun to see Grammer on tour as himself, but playing his best-known role onstage would probably draw more people in than using just touring as himself.

4. Dr. Gregory House Like Grammer did on Frasier, Hugh Laurie used his iconic starring role on House M.D. to show off his skills as a guitarist, a singer, and a pianist. While Laurie might be a little more reluctant to step into the House shoes again, especially after establishing himself as a musician in his own right since the end of the TV show, I'd love to see him perform his songs as the misanthropic doctor, giving his best jabs at audience members. It'd be one of the few times you'd be going to a show to be insulted by the performer.

3. Zorak and the Original Way Outs As the fictional band on Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, Zorak and the Way-Outs didn't actually play a significant amount of music. That being said, they were the band credited with performing the show's opening credits during its early seasons. The real band consisted of legendary jazz guitarist Sonny Sharrock, drummer Lance Carter, bassist Eddie Horst and vocalist Alfreda Gerald.

It would have been great to see that band go on tour and just jam. Anyone who's seen the "Sharrock" episode of Space Ghost got to hear 15 minutes of unedited jamming awesomeness from them. Unfortunately Sharrock passed away soon after the start of the series, but seeing the band on tour would still be a hell of an experience. Sharrock is irreplaceable, but if Zappa Plays Zappa has shown us anything, it's that this could still be a proper tribute to him as well as a unique experience in and of itself.

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2. Three Times One Minus One Mr. Show's recurring duo Three Times One Minus One, played by David Cross and Bob Odenkirk, represented all the best and worst aspects of early and mid '90s R&B. With songs like "Eww, Girl, Eww" and "Goodbye 2 Every 1 Ever," they were one of the funniest recurring bits on a show which very rarely repeated characters past a single episode.

While it would be great to see a reunion on stage, it would be even better if Cross and Odenkirk busted out some of their other brilliant songs and musical characters, including Horace Loeb and Willups Brighton, Titanica, and Cross' amazing gospel inspired performance of "Third Wheel Legend."

Infant Sorrow Though the Aldous Snow (Russell Brand)-fronted band of Forgetting Sarah Marshall and its spinoff film Get Him to the Greek is somewhat intentionally bad at times, they did release a soundtrack packaged like a real album by the band. Brand has since denied the band will ever really tour, but who knows when the itch to take on the role of Snow will overtake him again.


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