Lonesome Onry and Mean

Five Great 2010 Albums Lonesome Onry And Mean Forgot

Other than it just being a form of lazy journalism, one reason LOM hates making best-of lists is that there are always items that we forgot about, or considered but felt like they just barely didn't make it somehow. Then we wish we had included them. Here are a few more obscure 2010 albums that got a lot of play at LOM's house and in our truck, and deserve some mention.

Danny Barnes, Pizza Box: No sooner was our 2010 list published than we received an email squawk from the inimitable and knowledgeable Mark Rubin pointing out that we'd left out Pizza Box. Rubin's comment: "head and shoulders above the rest." Whether it is or isn't is a matter of taste perhaps, but Barnes' album certainly belonged in our original list. Maybe we should've left Mumford & Sons off that list since they are a major label act (and since Rubin, Barnes' former Bad Livers bandmate, objected to them).

From the opening "Caveman," Pizza Box is a WTF tour de force by one of our most unique artists. Click here and judge the whole album for yourself. Enter at your own risk, this boy ain't right. And watch out for track 2. Danny Barnes plays Last Concert Cafe Friday, January 7.

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William Michael Smith