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Five Murderers' Unreleased Children's Albums

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Charles Whitman, We Will All Go To Heaven Today

In the months leading up to his shooting spree at the University of Texas, Charles Whitman obtained a tape recorder and recorded several songs, accompanying himself on guitar. With an aggressive tumor growing inside his brain, Whitman's state of mind clearly deteriorates as time goes on.

His earliest songs amount to a love song named after his wife, "Karen," and an ode to his beloved mother called "Mama Knows Me Best." Things take a turn for the strange when Whitman becomes obsessed with the non-Biblical legend of The Rapture, starting with a song of that title, continuing in "Death From Above," and coming to a close with the 7-minute experimental epic "Heaven Awaits."

After that, the songs are mostly depictions of angels swooping down and doing increasingly violent things to people with their heavenly swords. The last song, "I Am Become the Redeemer," is about what you'd expect. Avoid this album, unless you're trying to teach your children about "the Lord's" insane and random vengeance.

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