Five Musical MILFs Who Rocked Pregnancy

In the world of prominent celebrities, it's headlining news even if that famous person sneezes. So in when Houston's own Beyoncé announced her pregnancy at the 2011 VMA's in August, the media and fans went into a frenzy of reactions. Some were elated, some hopeful and then there are the others who don't believe B is pregnant at all.

It seems that Beyoncé's belly grew way too fast for some people who saw her on stage ten days prior to her VMA performance at one of her four intimate shows in New York. After seeing Beyonce's belly bump allegedly deflated and folded as she took a seat for an during an interview in Australia last Sunday the conspiracy theorist got to work again. Beyoncé's publicist dismissed the fake belly rumors as "stupid and ridiculous."

Once again, the public is not satisfied with the little bit of private life celebrities share with them. Despite photos of Beyoncé in a two-piece bathing suit with her bare pregnant belly showing, people want to know more. It's almost as if a celebrity can't be pregnant without someone having an issue with it. Pregnant or not Beyoncé looks amazing. The public won't be happy until B does a nude pregnant magazine cover. The following is list of five musical milfs that rock or rocked pregnancy effortlessly.

5. Lauryn Hill

People became disappointed in Hill and gave her a heavy dose of criticism this past summer when her concerts did not live up to expectations. Hill issued an open apology to her fans. She is now pregnant with her sixth child by Bob Marley's son Rohan Marley.

4. M.I.A.

A pregnant M.I.A. performed "Swagger Like Us" at the 2009 Grammy's alongside Jay-Z, Kanye West, T.I. and Lil Wayne. The day of the Grammy performance was also M.I.A.'s due date. Damn.

3. Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu has three children by three different rappers including Andre 3000. In 2008, Badu released her 4th New Amerykah Part One: 4th World War after a five-year hiatus and performed amazingly at the New Orleans Voodoo Festival while she was six months pregnant.

2. Alicia Keys

How could we forget Alicia Keys mind-blowing and pregnant performance at the 2010 BET awards? In her tribute to Prince when Keys sang "Adore" and the world held its breath when she climbed on top of the piano during the performance.

1. Pink

In February of this year, singer Pink got fed up with paparazzi taking shitty photos of her baby bump. Pink took matters into her own hands by tweeting a picture of her pregnant belly.

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