Five New Houston Rap Songs For Your Morning Drive Time

Summer is (technically) up in Houston and Propain's Ridin Slab' still remains on top of everything going. Between fall coming and my daily routine of driving up and down the city of Houston, there are at least five new singles that need to be added to your daily drive-time playlist.

AllDay, "Medication" Tawn P and Preemo, aka the AllDay duo, finally released a full-length freebie in The Breakfast EP, a 16-minute excursion that dabbles in jazzy boom-bap and traditional battle-rap idioms. "Medication" is the most fun to be had, where Tawn says she might be higher than "giraffe dick" and that the term "femcee" offends her. You can download the entire EP here.

Nino Gotti, "The Woods" The Headwreckas spawn new tracks every other week, it seems. With KDOGG lying low after his Alias release and Doughbeezy still putting the final touches on Footprints On the Moon, it's only fair that Nino Gotti -- half of the duo Nino Gotti & WhyJae -- rummage over a freestyle.

"The Woods" acts like it wants to express itself in 70 different ways: expressive, emotive and downright braggadocious. All three are easy looks for the rapper as he touches on "making it" strictly for his daughter, friends and himself.

Lil Keke feat. Kirko Bangz, "Worry Bout You" In Rocks Off's feature on Da Don last year, he remarked, "If it don't make no sense of getting to the money, then I don't understand it. I don't knock it, but it's going to run you into the ground."

His latest single with "it guy" Kirko Bangz focuses on those sentiments and more. "Worry Bout You" feels selfish, almost as if personal greed should win over looking at another man's pockets. Or, to relate to business failures, if you're CSN Houston wondering why only 800-plus would try to watch an Astros game from home.

Fat Tony feat. Mr. MFN eXquire, MeLo-X & Tom Cruz, "BKNY (Remix)" Rapping for the sake of rapping. As fun an entity Fat Tony happens to be (not to mention Third Ward's ambassador to Brooklyn), he doesn't go bar for bar with a few people that many times. Handling a remix of Smart Ass Black Boy's "BKNY," he runs the anchor leg while Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire -- owner of the best name in rap -- and fellow Brooklynite MeLo-X flex a few punchlines as well while longtime Tony collaborator Cruz closes out with a little crooning, no Keith Sweat.


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