Five Rappers Who Should Be Actors

Sometimes it's fun to see some of our favorite rappers take on acting roles outside of their music videos. At other times, rappers taking on movie roles can end up being horrible idea. Not every rapper can be a convincing drug dealer like DMX is in Belly. The biggest mistake that most casting directors make is putting rappers in the wrong films. We created a list of rappers who have never been in feature films and the right roles they deserve.

1. Nicki Minaj - Rom Com

Young Money's first lady originally set out to be an actress. She attended school for performing arts and has performed in many plays. Minaj revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that she became a rapper by accident. Anyone that has theatrical multiple personalities on the same track like Minaj does, deserves a role in a romantic comedy.

2. Kanye West - Horror

People either love or hate Kanye but every one knows who he is because of his dramatic way of speaking his mind. He yells, scares and interrupts people. He still is an outstanding performer and his madness adds to his creativity. West would fit perfectly in a horror film playing a murdering sociopath.

3. Tyler the Creator - Un-Cut

From his outrageous tweets to his live performances jumping off second floor balconies, Odd Future's front man Tyler grabs attention. This 20-year-old kid is nuts and doesn't even partake in the use of drugs or alcohol. Although Odd Future has already landed a Jackass-inspired television show on Adult Swim to air next year, uncensored movie deals should be in order. Odd Future uncut in the style of Jackass could be hard for anyone to resist.

4. Wiz Khalifa - Stoner Comedy

Wiz Khalifa raps about weed 98 percent of the time. Most stoners have a great sense of humor and Wiz is no exception. He's already had cameras follow him in his documentary series DayToday and a never-sober Wiz chuckles throughout telling stories and jokes. We could see him in a How High sequel.

5. Slim Thug - Comedy Sidekick

Slim Thug is another Twitter comedian. His tweets may be offensive to some but the fact that he doesn't give a shit is what makes him funny. He tweets photos of the most outlandish and sometimes gross things. Thugga is laid back but he's definitely funny enough to star in a comedy alongside someone like Mike Epps or Will Ferrell.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.