Five Spot: Big Brother Cory Mo

Welcome back to Five Spot. Every Friday, we'll examine a recent bit of music news and list five reasons why it's either brilliant or dumb-assed. Send tips to introducingliston@gmail.com.

Swear to God, this is exactly how this week's Five Spot came to fruition: We were reading on some Web site about how Method Man and Redman are currently trying to get How High 2 made, when the following occurred in our brain over the span of about six seconds: "What?! The original How High was gawdawful! Why was anyone interested in watching the first two hours, let alone making more? Hey, 'more' sounds like 'whore'... Puff Daddy became a millionaire in part because he was a sample whore in the '90s...He did make 'Mo' Money, Mo' Problems,' though, which, at the time, we thought was phenomenal... Why do people say 'mo' instead of 'more'? That's stupid... Mo? Mo? Mo!Cory Mo! There's no adequate psychological explanation how or why that happened. At any rate, Cory Mo is one of the unsung heroes of Houston's hip-hop scene. He's even billed as "Houston's Most Unknown," which seems like one of those self-fulfilling labels. He's pretty much been cosigned by just about every rapper of consequence from Houston (all four of them), and has all but trademarked the Southern sound. In addition to his absolutely recognizable production, one of the things that's always drawn us to Mo is he has this big-brother quality about him. It seems like he's always in total control. We've not had the opportunity to meet him in person, but we're fairly confident he's one of those guys that always says the right things. A few examples: "Slow and Low": This is a great adaptation. And we can't even count how many times we've used some variation of the line, "But next year, I'ma be a mutha fuckin' problem." It's just a cool thing to offer up during conversation.

"Tops Drop Dyne": A very fun (if not surprising) UGK hit. The first time we heard this song we actually had to take a shower afterwards, that's how funky it is, a perfect example of the kind of lame thing Cory Mo would never say.

"It Ain't Me":

We included this one just for the sake of being objective. After hearing that a Cory/Bun/Slim song was in the works, we were disappointed with how this turned out. Just never been fans of that repetitive, quick chorus, ya know.

"Ain't Nobody Trippin'": Yes, it is blatant homerism, but anybody that has ever recorded a song with Pimp C gets granted automatic "He Can Be Dope" status. Unless of course said person, at any point, ever releases a song titled "Bizzy Body." Then they get placed firmly into the "Can Someone Please Explain Why This Guy Is Famous - Oh, Wait, It's Because People Are Morons" category. But that's a given.

"Get Out The Way":

Granted, Statik Selektah is terribly annoying, but this is still 66 percent of a good song. Do you think Bun B carries business cards that proclaim his work position as "Big Dick Slanga'"? Because that would just be swell.

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