Five Spot: Cypress Hill Is Back, If You Need Another Reason to Get Baked

Welcome back to The Five Spot, Every Friday, we'll examine a recent bit of music news and list five reasons why it's either brilliant or dumb-assed. Send tips to introducingliston@gmail.com. Next month, Cypress Hill will re-up their six-years-dormant Smokeout Concert and Festival. How that was ever able to become an actual thing is still beyond us. Initially, we wanted to bash the crap out of this, if for no other reason than because growing up we were unabashed Cypress Hill detractors. Even if we wanted to like them, we couldn't because everyone automatically assumed them to be our favorite rap group because they had some Mexicans. That shit was annoying, yo. But get this: The festival is going to feature a concert from not only Mr. Devin the Dude, but a special reunion show from the Geto Boys, including Willie D. Yes, the same Willie D that is likely headed to prison for a long, long time. Hat tip to those wily Latinos for pulling that one off. We're super excited about this. Not enough to go out and buy Black Sunday or anything, but enough that we will stop praying for heavy things to fall on them when we go to church. After the jump, celebrate with five of the better marijuana-themed songs from 'Ro, SPM, 'Face and more. [Note: We purposefully left Devin off of this list. It just seemed too easy. Sorry.]

Scarface, "Mary Jane":

A list of things we were not expecting to be in this video: the guy from

Menace to Society

, a shirtless fellow playing a piano (who ends up being the

Menace to Society

guy in some sort of post-modern "chasing myself" theme), a shiny suit, a skating rink, a margarita and a glow in the dark bikini. You put those pieces together, because we can't.

Z-Ro, "Smoker's Anthem":

How cool is Ro that he can periodically take on that Jamaican accent and have nobody ever call on him on it. Madonna didn't even get away with that. Also, he hat-tipped about fourteen different songs here, including the three little pigs(!).

SPM, "Mary Go Round":

Right around the 1:12 mark, 'Los remarks of Mary Jane, "You been my girl since the age of 13 and it's funny to me you still make me fiend." Listening to his discography now, it seems like there were a bunch of little things like that, right? It's revisionist, sure, but it makes us seem smart so we're putting it out there.

Trae, "Getting High":

"Whether I get high or not, my stress gon' be the same thing." That is probably one our five favorite Trae lines of all time. It's the type of remarkably aware statement that hints at how layered a person he really might be.

UGK, "Swishas and Erbs":

In all honesty, this song was one of the weaker ones off of the album, but we picked it because our mom used to listen to the actual Peaches and Herb a lot when we were growing up. Sorry.

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