Five Spot: Get Amped, Coughee Brothaz This Weekend

Welcome back to Five Spot. Every Friday, we'll examine a recent bit of music news and, sometimes awkwardly, tie it to a bit of Houston rap. It's five videos and occasional cussing. Send tips to [email protected]

So check it: we're sitting in our living room going over notes for the Coughee Brothaz concert/listening party we're hitting up this weekend, and Boy A (we have twin toddlers at home; we are incredibly virile) walks up to us. He clearly has a mouth full of something, and is very proud of himself for placing whatever's in there in there.

In our brain, our immediate reaction is "What the fuck, man. Your mom is at the store, so I know she didn't give you anything to nibble on. And one time you picked up a piece of poop at the park because you thought it was a ball, so I'm pretty sure you're not smart enough to find actual food on your own. And even if you were able to luck up on, say, a bag of Goldfish crackers, there's no way you're chubby little baby hands and poor motor skills would allow you to open it. I have to assume whatever's in your mouth has no logical purpose in there and likely can kill you. Your mom is going to be so pissed if I let you die. Have you seen your brother?" But our parent-filter made it sound more like, "What's in your mouth, son?"

He smiled, opened his mouth, and three Double A batteries tumbled out. Fatherhood.

After the jump, check out five tracks from Fadanuf Fa Erybody, the marvelous 1994 album from the Odd Squad (which eventually became the Coughee Brothaz).


"Fa Sho"

Listening to this now, this is where Devin most hints at the artist he eventually became. An observation made about sixty times less perceptive when you realize that the reason you're thinking that is less because you're so insightful and more because he uses a line of the hook on his Just Tryin' Ta Live album.

"Like Dope"

Make sure to listen to this in your office with the computer speakers at max volume, because it is totally appropriate. You do work in a whorehouse, right?

"Can't See It"

"I can't see it, y'all // it's like that, ya'll // but that's alright, ya'll // I got the mic, y'all."

Probably the best "song by a blind guy subtly making light of his blindness that sounds like it was cut straight from Das EFX's Dead Serious album" of all time. Seriously, how talented are you if you can have a bunch kids sitting around like, "Man, I wish I couldn't see."

"Jazz Rendition"

Gawdammit. This is the part where we thoroughly second guess leaving this album off the Top 25 Rap Albums From Houston of All Time list. It might make less sense than Beyonce' not winning "Best Female Video." (Big ups, Kanye. We understand you, sir. You're just a problem that'll never ever be solved.)

"Came Na Gedown"

You know what the two most unexpectedly indispensable parts of this posse cut are? (1) The fact that you get to use the term "posse cut" whenever you talk about it, and (2) the phonetic title. We probably spent, like, ten minutes arguing about the proper way to say it. Go for it. Mouth it out. Say it in your head. It's cool, no one's watching.

Have a safe weekend. Thank you for your support.

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Shea Serrano