Five Spot: Houston Video Spotlight

Dudes, it the day after Thanksgiving. You shouldn't be reading junk on the computer. You should be celebrating with your family, talking about how awesome life is and how Rocks Off is just about the best place on the Internet and yeah, yeah, yeah.

But since you're here though, let's run through some stuff.

Right now, there is a pretty excellent assortment of video makers in Houston. And since they're often an overlooked segment of the music making community, we're compiling a substantial Guide to Houston Filmmakers feature that'll run here soon. So as a prep for that, we've grabbed a few recent videos with (at least partial) ties to Houston. They make for proper post-Thanksgiving celebrating. Hop to.

TC, "Malcolm X"

You might remember Sound M.O.B., the production team most famous for helping shoot Kirko Bangz towards stardom ("What Yo' Name Iz," "Drank In My Cup"). This is from an upcoming EP they're hosting.

UZOY, "Pack It Up"

This one here is directed by Danny Ocean, the Napoleanesque video maker tied most commonly to rap group The Niceguys.

DJ Young Samm, Ahood Affairs presents "The Cypher"

Samm is high up on the food chain. If his name is on something, it's going to be quality. This is a video of a cypher that he managed to make look interesting, which is just about impossible. (Though it might be a little easier than normal when you've got superheroes Killa Kyleon and Hoodstar Chantz in front of you. Also, who's this Chyco fellow? Strong stuff.)

Miss Mykie, "Casey Anthony"

Yep. Casey Anthony. I mean.

Propain, "King Otis"

Of the 300 versions of this that popped up after the instrumental leaked, The Supervillain's rated among the highest. He's just too tough. Add to that filmmaker Michael Artis, among the city's best talents, and you've got a firestorm.

Thanks for the continued support. Have a safe holiday weekend.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.