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Five Spot: Killa Kyleon's Purple Punch 3

Welcome back to Five Spot. Every Friday, we'll examine a recent bit of music news and, albeit sometimes awkwardly, tie it to a bit of Houston rap. It's five videos and occasional cussing. Send tips to [email protected].

One of the guys that we always (usually) enjoy listening to is the fibrous-voiced Killa Kyleon. Kyleon is the Boss Hogg Outlawz's third best rapper (J-Dawg edges him out for second place, but within the structure of BHO we're almost certain Killa is officially still second in command) and when he flexes he can be a terror.

Kyleon re-upped his Purple Punch mixtape series recently and it is, almost without debate, the best version he's released thus far.

Note: If you happen to read this, Killa, it is really disappointing that "H-Town State of Mind," your regionally phenomenal redo of Jigga's "Empire Of State of Mind," which is an okay redo of Nas's "N.Y. State of Mind," which is a brilliant redo of Billy Joel's "New York State of Mind," isn't on there. That means we'll have to download it separately, change the tags in iTunes and then squeeze it in at the end so it doesn't eff up the flow, even though it's very clearly a top-tier remix, which means it should actually come on as the fourth or fifth track. Future reference is all.

Kyleon has proven again and again that he is exceptionally skilled at hijacking someone else's beat and/or flipping someone else's signature line into a hook -remember his "Ego" remix, or his take on "Paper Planes" back when everybody in the world was mix-taping the shit out of that track - and does so to great success here.

He nods to Pimp C, Fat Pat, Z-Ro, Lil' Wayne, Snoop, the guy who announces boxing matches, Jodeci, Goodie Mob and a whole host of others on PP3 (ha). Here are five tracks from the tape and a link to download Purple Punch 3 for free.

"5 Star Chick"

Did he say he has a bourgie chick from Acres Homes? We were not aware such a species existed. Maybe she's only been shot at, like, two or three times, so that makes her think she's better than everyone else in Acres Homes. Also, it is thoroughly cool that there is a credit requirement to be one of Kyleon's bedfellows.


When we saw this we were really, really hoping he had hopped on the "Haters" track from Jigga's Blueprint 3. Alas, this one ain't so bad, but mostly he likens himself to Jesus and then tells people to suck his dick.

"Drankin' in the Drought"

This is a solid example of how natural he can sound on those bubbly radio-rap productions.

"I Gotta Eat"

Love the title of this song. It's unassailable in its forthrightness. He's gotta eat. That's all there is to say about it.

"I'm So Throwed"

Here he flips one of the greatest lines in Houston rap history for part of the chorus - "I'm so throwed in the game, Southside playa, Screwed Up Click, man" - but we really, really wish he would've let it end. Even still, this is a solid mixtape song from a solid Kyleon effort. Here's to hoping a proper full-length of all original music bubbles up sometime in 2010.

Thanks for the support. Have an okay weekend. And download the tape here.

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