Five Spot: New Music From Jack Freeman, The Monster, Scooyunda, Brook Gang and More

Boy A and Boy B play their last soccer game of the season this Saturday. It's a little sad, really.

They're just now to where they're excited to play. They were uncomfortable at first because, for real, 4-5-year-old soccer is, like, light years ahead of 3-year-old soccer. With the 3-year-olds, it was mostly this goofy, silly exercise. The boys dominated because they were bigger than the others (they were about to turn 4) and could control the ball justhismuch; Boy A scored every goal for his team last year.

But with the 4-5-year-olds, those motherfuckers are ruthless. We beat one team 9-0 and never even considered letting up. There's one kid on our team who, hand to God, looks like Ivan Drago and plays like David Beckham. He's our gunner. One time, he scored a goal on this showboat-y black kid, then ran over to his parents on the sidelines, looked them dead in their eyes and said, "If he cries, he cries." He's never even seen Rocky IV, yo.

Anyway, it took two or so games for the boys to get used to the speed, but they've since become the team's defensive stoppers. The command the back third of the field like little Napoleans, save one game where they gave up a goal because one was trying to show the other an airplane in the sky off in the distance, they've done remarkably well.

What does any of this have to do with anything? Nothing at all. Sometimes it's best that way.

To the music:

They screaming, "Scoo-bee back, Scoo-bee back!"

This is where you should go to download "Slow Dance" by Jack Freeman. It is a wonderful song; certainly one of the best of Houston' glowing 2011. It is set up as one of those Pay What You Feel things, but really, you shouldn't feel like it's worth anything less than at least a handful of dollars.

KAB continues his march with "

All I Know

." Remember that scene in Jungle Book where the elephants were plotting that attack, all secret and quiet and whatnot. Then, when they started trekking through the jungle, they just demolished everything in their way, even though they weren't intending too? That's kind of what KAB seems to do. He just beats shit up.

There's that new Undergravity video, "Could Care Less." Actually, it's a Seano Phresh video that features Undergravity, but you know how that goes.

Oh, also, the BHO camp, those guys have been tough, tough, tough lately. They're releasing lots of music pretty regularly, stuff that supplements the album. Here's "Halloween Night." It's not our favorite BHO song (that'd be the one that Mug crushes, the one about the girls in the car, rolling things and stacking things), but it's certainly worth the download. They're pretty unassailable right now. Keep up.

Bun B released a new song. Here you go.

hasHBrown. "Death Penalty." Get it.

Did you see Fat Tony, iPod Ammo and The Aspiring A.D.D. on Fox News getting interview? It's just about the funniest thing. A couple of highlights:

1. For some reason, the newscaster seems to think that the Houston Press is a club.

2. Fat Tony indirectly references the girth of his penis and A.D.D. cannot hide his smile.

3. Also, when asking what everyone does, A.D.D. responds with, "Uuhhm, yeahm, uh... for the most part, I, uh, I roll with Tony." I just roll with Tony. Beautiful.

4. Tony mentions that his album was chopped up by OG Ron C. The reporter asks him what chopped up means. Tony responds by moving his arms around a lot and just saying "chopped up" again, then he proceeds to do that "cook" dance that Lil B probably invented. Feeling the interview slipping into sillydom, the reporter looks at the camera, swallows, then simply says "Yeah." And that's the story of how no rappers were ever invited back to Fox News.

O.N.E. has begun releasing more music. Here's "My Zone," which likely hints at the direction his forthcoming album is heading.

Just in time for the holiday season, Brook Gang's "Nigga, You A Hoe."

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.