Five Spot: New Shit From Swishahouse, B L A C K I E, Cham & J-Dawg, Hash Brown And Trae

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Welcome back to Five Spot. Every Friday, we'll examine a recent bit of music news and, sometimes awkwardly, tie it to a bit of Houston rap. It's five videos and occasional cussing. Send tips to introducingliston@gmail.com. You know what's a fun game? The game where you try to figure out where the dried pee spot on the carpet is so you can clean it because your two-year-olds take to potty training like Lil' Wayne takes care of his teeth. Do you know how you how you figure out where the pee is? By crawling around on your hands and knees with your nose two inches from the carpet and sniffing while God laughs at you. What the eff is wrong with toddlers? True story: We're painting the living room a couple weeks ago, right? So there's some plastic laid out on the floor, an eight-foot ladder set up and various other painting equipment. We take our eyes off Boy A for what couldn't have been more than 45 seconds, only to turn around and see him standing on a step at the midpoint of the ladder peeing off of it onto the plastic sheeting. Two days ago Boy A and Boy B asked if they could go upstairs to find this plastic fish that is the momentary center of their universe. Sure, we said. And be careful. So they head up there together with a very clear, concise mission itinerary laid out before them. Two minutes later we hear them up there giggling like mad, shouting over and over again, "BOOOOOTTTIIIEEEE! BOOOOOTTTIIIIEEEE!" We go up to find our sons, the seeds of our loins, the two man-cubs tasked with the responsibility of advancing the Serrano name towards and past the doorstep of greatness, naked from the waist down, bent over with the hands on the floor, backing their bare butts into each other again and again. You know that scene in Requiem for a Dream where Jennifer Connelly gets hard up for drugs and ends up going to that creepy black guy's house to do a sex show with that other chick while the roomful of guys watch? It was just like that, except without the dildo. Fatherhood, yo. That mess is perilous. Anyhow, here's some new music from the Swishahouse camp, ABN, a Boss Hogg Outlaw and two guys trying to make a case for their names to be included in this year's Best Underground Hip-Hop category.

"RIP Pimp C Flow," Chamillionaire and J-Dawg

J-Dawg, perhaps the gnarliest Boss Hogg Outlaw and eventual heir to the throne, has steadily gained traction in the earbuds of Houstonians. This is from his

God Fearing Gangsta

tape that came out not too long ago.

(Pick it up here.)

You've got mixtape cuts from Z-Ro, Slim, 'Face and a few others. But the verse he added at the end of this Cham ode is reason enough to lock into his Twitter to find out when he's releasing a proper full length. Incidentally, the quality of Cham's verse is reason enough to beat your head against the wall because his album's perpetual postponement.

Spred Luv EP, B L A C K I E

Somehow, we're just now getting around to listening to the EP B L A C K I E released at the very beginning of the year. It's bananas; basically a 12-minute-long distorted punch in the gut. You're going to have to go that link up there to listen to it though. $7. Support, son.

"Goin In," Gucci Mane

This was included as part of the

Swishahouse The Real Shit

tape. The tape isn't anything that will set the world on fire, but it has enough spots on there to get you through the day.

Pick it up here."Heaven," Hash Brown

One of the problems that plagues a lot of younger rappers is that they just don't reach out enough to publications to try and get them to cover their songs. That, we can assure you, is not a problem that Hash suffers from. This is the latest bit he's submitted. He seems to grow as an MC with each subsequent song, and that's important for newer artists too. Don't be surprised to see his name bubble up more and more often around Houston.

Trae, "I Am The Streets"

Another Houstonian that has been just about everywhere has been Mr. Frasier Thompson III. Here's the latest track that's circulating across all of the hip-hop blogs. It sure would be nice to see an album release date accompany these songs that are getting splashed all across the Internet.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.