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Five Spot: Pimp C Was Pretty Good

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So we were reading this Bun B interview the other day, and among discussions of how the final UGK album is progressing (very well, thanks) Bun spoke briefly on how Pimp C's lyrical work on "My Angel" was his favorite.

The song, if you've never heard it, is an ode to the greatness of Pimp's mother. It's delivered in his typically crisp slosh, of course, and contains a line that we desperately wish is relayed verbatim: "And when the niggas wanted to kill me, my mama said, 'Fuck that bitch, ya'll know you muthafuckas feel me, uhh.'"

But as good as "My Angel" is, we wouldn't rank it among our* Top 5 Pimp C Lyrical Exploits. Normally, this is the part where we try to come up with some really snazzy way to get you to click through the link to the rest of post, but, dude, there are five Pimp C videos - well, four and one link (damn "Embedding Disabled By Request") - after the jump.

"Isa Playa," feat. Bun B, Z-Ro and Twista: Of course this song is making the list - even Twista's annoying ass isn't entirely horrible here. We mean, it features an analogy that equates penis quality with types of marijuana. That's like thesis material, man.

"10 A Key": We had no flipp'n idea what this song was about the first time we heard it. And you know what, to tell you the truth, we're still not 100 percent sure we understand the entire thing. Either way, should the situation ever arise, we will absolutely not pay more than 10 for a key. We are not bitches, sir.

"One Day You're Here": This has to be in any argument about songs that are utterly bleak and uncompromisingly beautiful at the same time. We covered Bun's first concert back after Pimp's death and when he performed this song it was incredibly surreal. Grown men were visibly moved. Not us, mind you. We're rocks. But other men. They were totally teary-eyed.

"Wood Wheel": No matter where you are, no matter what you're doing, you will feel unquestionably cool when you listen to this song. It's even affecting in our car. Which is a Hyundai Accent. A four-cylinder Hyundai Accent. A four-cylinder Hyundai Accent with racing decals. Yes, racing decals on a four-cylinder car. Lipstick on a pig is the appropriate cliché, we think.

"Gitcha Mind Right": One of the reason's that we enjoy Houston rap so much is the fact that it is just so meta. This song references that song which references that song which references some other song. It's beautiful. If you have no idea what we're talking about, just go to Youtube, search some Houston rapper, and listen. We'd be willing bet you couldn't make it through four songs without hearing a reference to "Pimp Tha Pen."

*We would like to explicitly mention that we are in no way undermining Bun B's opinion. Bun is fabulous. We would give him a bite of our sandwich and then let him hold hands with our girlfriend if he asked politely.
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