Five Spot: Trae's Brother Jay'Ton's Got It by Tha Ton Mixtape

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Welcome back to Five Spot. Every Friday, we'll examine a recent bit of music news and, sometimes awkwardly, tie it to a bit of Houston rap. It's five videos and occasional cussing. Send tips to introducingliston@gmail.com.

Since just about the oblivions, Jay'Ton, little brother to Trae, has been promising release of his Got It By Tha Ton mixtape.

Jay is, by association, one of higher-ranking officials in Trae's Assholes By Nature crew, as well as the most overpowering voice of Second Generation Assholes, an offshoot of ABN. He's has been rumbling around for a while now, most prominently guesting on tracks within his own wheelhouse - namely, "Stay Out of My Way" from Same Thing Different Day, "Cadillac" from Restless, "Million Bucks" from Life Goes On, "Still Watchin'" from Assholes By Nature and "Whoa" from It Is What It Is - building up a solid bit of buzz.

When he makes himself available, Jay'Ton is one of the Houston's most potentially lethal MCs. His "Hood Wired Up" single, which he released as a teaser for this album allllllll the way back near April 2009, was one of the best Houston rap songs of the year, and worked its way all the way to Fader's doorstep. More importantly though, it was the first cohesive showing by three of the six new-ish local rappers that many feel will be the focal point of street-tough local rap in the not too distant future: Himself, Lil' Boss and J-Dawg.

And this week, finally - finally - Got It by Tha Ton has made it out, and it is a proper, proper showing.

"Still On It":

This track here, No. 3 on the tape, makes it pretty clear that Jay's got the potential to be more than just "Trae's little brother" - which is fitting, seeing as how Trae shook the "Z-Ro's cousin" tag fairly early in his career too. It's big, booming and a mostly fresh sound, very reminiscent of Jeezy's Thug Motivation 101.

"Whitney & Bobby":

Count Ricky Ross, who has been an avid supporter of Houston rappers as of late, among those that have cosigned Jay. You can also count Ross among those that have kick-ass beards. Have you seen it? We know people make a big deal about Chuck Norris's beard, but really look at Ross'. It's massive. And looks like something that ate meat at one point in its life.

"Other Shit":

You know what's kind of funny? The electronic tags on the CD make it so that it blocks out the "I" in "shit" when you upload this to your iPod. Is it possible that any Jay'Ton album could ever have a non-explicit version released? Having a Jay'Ton album without cussing in it is like having a porno without the money shot. Where's the fun in that?

"Gotta Be A G":

By the way, Jay'Ton's name is pronounced "Jay-tawn." In the event that you happen to run into him somewhere, it'd be a shame if you were to call him by the wrong name. How would he respond to the slight? I'onno. What do you think Michael Myers of Halloween would do if you walked up to him and thumped him the balls with the back of your hand? It'd probably be something similar to that.

"Million Bucks":

This is originally from Trae's Life Goes On (2007). We included it here simply because Trae's line in the chorus that says "Hundred grand on my wrist, yeah, life sucks" is just so confusing. Is he seriously pissed about his bracelets? That hardly seems a reason to indict all of life.

Perhaps, in a bit of introspection, he realized that an existence predicated on wealth is really no existence at all, and that having $100,000 worth of anything is a sign of a misspent youth. Maybe he's being satirical? Maybe he's being facetious? Or is this just some shit that sounded cool at the time? Aaarrghh.

Thanks for your support. Have a contemplative weekend.

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