Five Spot: We Are Totally In the Tank for T-Pain

Welcome back to Five Spot. Every Friday, we'll examine a recent bit of music news and, sometimes awkwardly, tie it to a bit of Houston rap. It's five videos and occasional cussing. Send tips to [email protected].

As indicated in that italicized synopsis above, this is usually an area where we find some news that we can funnel into an opportunity for us to talk about whichever Houston rapper we happen to be jamming at the time.

However, we hit up the T-Pain show last night (full review coming later), and it was spot on. We worked our way backstage and were able to chat him up for a few minutes. And while he neither offered to buy us a drank nor take us home with him, we were able to convince him to give us a high five (more on that later too).

We were so smitten with him that we went home afterwards and watched possibly every T-Pain music video on YouTube. After the jump, see the five best ones.

"I'm On A Boat": See, this is precisely the type of thing that makes T-Pain so likeable. There was a similar skit like this about being a "boss" that was clearly aimed at Ricky Ross, but he wanted no part of it. Not only did T-Pain participate, but he wrecked the song. It went from parody to hit as soon as he put his stamp on it. That's kind of impressive.

"Good Life": This is the song from Kanye's fantastic Graduation album that won them both a Grammy as well as a whole heap of other awards. (People don't really say "heap" anymore. Why is that? They also don't say "fortnight" either. This has nothing to do with anything. Sorry.)

"Buy You A Drank": This is probably the most representative T-Pain song from his collection. We love the "I got money in the bank, shawty watcha think bout that?" line. He's pretty much saying, "Yes, I understand that I'm not any less funny looking than I was two years ago, but whatever, take your top off."

"I'm A Flirt": His ability to keep pace with Kells and T.I. here made a lot of people fall back. We didn't even really like him very much at the time, and we were still diehard R. Kelly fans at the time, but even we understood that T-Pain put his stamp on this song.

"Kiss, Kiss": Oh, look, it's Chris Brown back before he got all punchy with Rihanna. It's weird watching old videos of Brown now, like when they show video footage of Mike Tyson back before that volcano of crazy erupted. We have a feeling that Brown has another surprise in store for us down the road. One can only hope it also involves a terribly awkward interview with Robin Givens at his side.

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Shea Serrano