Five Worse Professions To Date Than Musician

They may be sexy as hell, but musicians are notoriously impossible to date. They sleep all day and party all night, and travel around for months on end, often in the company of drugs, alcohol, and eager women. Take issue with a flirtatious gesture made towards a female audience member and you're likely to hear "Gotta keep the fans happy, babe. It's just part of the job". The band takes priority over any plans you may have made, and you suddenly find yourself struggling to maintain an even keel with five dudes instead of one, lest you be labeled (gasp) a "Yoko."

That said, there are actually worse professions to date, five of which Rocks Off has listed below. Are we making gross generalizations? Absolutely. And we have no doubt there are individuals employed in each of these fields who are wonderful, loving, devoted boyfriends, husbands, and fathers. But we also know that if all of these guys were on their best behavior, these industries never would have earned a reputation to begin with.


Free live music and mingling with famous musicians certainly seems glamorous. But the truth is it's still a job, one that requires a profound appreciation and knowledge of music coupled with workaholic stamina very few can sustain. Nights are spent at concerts and bars, sometimes four or five times a week, no doubt a contributing factor to the high rate of alcoholism common among the profession. And weekends? Forget about it.

Like any profession requiring such selfless dedication, romantic interests often come to the realization that everything - including relationships - will always take a back seat to the job.


Take The Departed for example, a classic tale of good cop, bad cop, and the hot chick sleeping with them both. Poor, sexy good cop with heart of gold is worn down to a weepy, pill-popping mess from his daily interaction with lowlifes, while beddable bad cop has plenty of witty asides and money for towering chocolate desserts but can't get it up due to mental strain of morally bankrupt side job as informant for sociopathic mob boss. Both get shot and die. Hot chick sleeps alone. Catch our drift?

It's a high-stress job where everyone's got a gun and some sort of mental hangup - not exactly an environment conducive to relationships. And the power trip derived from having the authority to tell others what to do isn't all that attractive either.


Let's see, where to begin? There's the over-inflated egos, the erratic mood swings, the violent tempers - all of which happen just so happen to be side-effects of long-term stimulant abuse. Apparently a lot of these guys have a thing for blow, and a reputation for being incorrigible womanizers. There's something about a man with talent in the kitchen that seems to make a woman's clothes spontaneously fly off, and with a revolving supply of hot young waitresses on staff, the ladies are never hard to come by.


Oh, they're cute all right. Charming too. They also work most nights and weekends until 4 a.m. alongside equally attractive women and an endless supply of booze. Just remember they work for tips, which is exactly what they'll say when you find them all over another girl two days later.


These guys have the same nomadic drug-fueled existence as touring musicians and none of the talent. The only thing they've got going for them is access to famous musicians, which they often exploit for personal gain (like the whole "backstage pass" thing... gross). Why anyone would even consider attempting a relationship with a roadie is beyond comprehension, but then again, there are also women who send love letters to Scott Peterson in prison.

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