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Flaming Lips And Their Fwends Set To Weird Up Record Store Day

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In a few weeks on April 21, Record Store Day is yet again set to obliterate the wallets of record collectors around the country, and the Flaming Lips will have quite a release for fans on that day. What would you think if I said that they have been recording with none other than Ke$ha, Bon Iver, Nick Cave, Yoko Ono and Coldplay's Chris Martin?

The Flaming Lips And Head Fwends, due on Record Store Day, is sure to be a big-money item in April. The double LP will easily be the most fought over release at stores. As the press release I received today adds:

[The album] will be pressed on two high-quality, multi-color vinyl discs housed in separate custom art jackets and poly bagged together. No two discs will look exactly alike. Once it's gone, it will not be repressed again...

The Lips, who will next be in Houston to perform Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon in its entirety at Free Press Summer Fest in June, have been leaking pictures of the Fwends recording sessions for the past few months.

The Ke$ha collab made less adventurous Lips fans have gilded, glittered heart attacks, while the rest of us just said "Right on" and accepted the oddity as interesting.

Some of the tracks on Fwends have already appeared on previously released EPs released in past that quickly sold out, but most of these cuts will be seeing the light of day on April 21. "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face," featuring Erykah Badu, should be a stunner.

Fun fact: I will be visiting the record plant that is pressing Fwends here in a few weeks while researching a new fun cover story for the Houston Press about those cool pieces of black plastic that are so fun to write about.

Here are the Lips live with Neon Indian performing the Fwends track "Is David Bowie Dying?".

Here is the track listing:

Side 1:

2012 (featuring Ke$ha and Biz Markie) Ashes In The Air (featuring Bon Iver) Helping The Retarded To Know God (featuring Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros)

Side 2:

Supermoon Made Me Want To Pee (featuring Prefuse 73) Children Of The Moon (featuring Tame Impala) That Ain't My Trip (featuring Jim James of My Morning Jacket) You, Man? Human? (featuring Nick Cave)

Side 3:

I'm Working At NASA On Acid (featuring Lightning Bolt) Do It! (featuring Yoko Ono) Is David Bowie Dying? (featuring Neon Indian)

Side 4: The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (featuring Erykah Badu) Thunder Drops (featuring New Fumes) I Don't Want You To Die (featuring Chris Martin of Coldplay)

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