Flawless Escape: The Sun Also Rises On Dudes In Polo Shirts

Each Wednesday, Rocks Off arbitrarily appoints one lucky local performer or group "Artist of the Week," bestowing upon them all the fame and grandeur such a lofty title implies. Know a band or artist that isn't awful? Email their particulars to sheaserrano@gmail.com.

There are a few gents around these parts that, if they recommend that a band should be knighted as Artist of the Week, it's going to happen. There is no arguing. Their word is ice. Having one of these individuals co-sign for you is like having LeBron co-sign for you at a pick-up game.

Flawless Escape, who originally got started in College Station came to us via that means. And with good measure too. They're a funky, unapologetically energetic gaggle of brosephs that exist somewhere in between pop-punk and New Wave. It also helps a ton that their enthusiasm for making their own brand of music is just as prevalent as their desire to be good at it.

So we reached out to Riz, native Houstonian and FE drummer, to talk about Ernest Hemmingway, Disney and mathematical ratios. Fun, fun, fun.

Rocks Off: Real quick, for those not familiar with Flawless Escape, tell everyone all about your history. Oh, but let's do it Hemmingway-style. You're only allowed to use six words.

Riz: The universe works, don't fight it.

RO: If you could only ever play one song for the rest of Flawless Escape's career, would it be "Shadows" or "Different Circles"? It has to be that, right?

R: Neither. We'd choose 'Engagement" off of the forthcoming EP release (due out in October). Consequently, it was the namesake for our latest national tour that carried us through the southwest and So-Cal. Honestly, we haven't played "Different Circles" in a looooong time.

RO: Sounds killer. Any shows in particular that Flawless Escape brought the roof down on?

R: Band favorite, hands down: The Whisky A Go-Go in West Hollywood, Calif. Best show we've ever played. We are headed back there in November. So stoked.

RO: Is there a backstory to the name? There has to be one, right? Nobody would just pick "Flawless Escape" out of thin air.

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R: Well, I'd love to tell you a story about running from the 5-0 or a very strange night involving illicit drugs - we may or may not have those. But it's really a lyric from a song by He Is Legend called "The Walls Have Teeth." You should read the lyrics and take what you will.

For us, it means that you can come hang out at a rock show, take your head off and forget all the bullshit and stress that is waiting for you as soon as you leave. Have an amazing time and make a "Flawless Escape" from reality.

RO: If we're to understand this correctly, Ajae used to be a performer in one of those bands at Disney. Is that true? How'd that work out? And how much shit do you all give him on a daily basis for it?

R: Ajae is from Orlando. Now, the biggest employer located there is... drum roll... Disney! In his early 20s, he needed a job, and of course they hired him, as he's a huge extrovert when it comes to performing. Honestly, working for "The Rat" really taught him a great deal about putting on a show, throwing back flips, and walking on stilts - all the important elements of a rock show. Although we don't really give him shit for it because it helps us to be the visual spectacle we are onstage.

That being said, we do give him shit for this: His nickname is Ajae Smash. Dude breaks everything; glasses, bottles, numerous cellular devices, computers, cars, tables, you name it. Seriously, bull in a china shop. Fathers, hide your daughters, here comes Ajae Smash. But obviously, it's calculated destruction, right Ajae?!

RO: When you all perform here on the 14th, what will the girl-to-guy ratio be? Listening to you all at our computer, it seems like maybe you all might draw a lot of femmes to your shows. (It also sounds like you all might draw a lot of white guys in polos to your shows, but that's considerably less interesting as far as we're concerned.)

R: Depends on where we play, but the pretty ladies love to get down with our sound all over. Now, we started in College Station - not necessarily a hotbed for rock music - and there are a lot of white guys in polos up there, but we don't discriminate. Love is love, and we appreciate all of it.

I can promise you this: if you come to a show, there will be all kinds of people. It also helps that our immediate group of friends/girlfriends/wives is made up of almost entirely hot chicks, with a few polo-wearing dudes as well.

See Flawless Escape online at www.flawlessescape.com and facebook.com/flawlessescape. They're on Twitter at @feaddict, @rizislegend and @ajaesmash. The band plays at Mainstage on Main Tuesday, September 14.

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