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Flip the Script: 5 Things Rock Bands Can Learn from Hip-Hop

When we discuss forward thinkers in rock music, Pete Wentz isn't a name that comes to mind. That's probably because, if you're like a lot of people on the Internet, the mention of his name will cause you to groan and/or think of the word "douchebag." While you may not like him on a personal level, his dealings as the head of Decaydance Records are interesting.

In a lot of ways, Decaydance was a rap label that just happened to feature pop-punk and emo acts. They had an image (goofy mid '00s pop rock); the artists frequently collaborated and toured together; Fall Out Boy even put out a mixtape.

There's a lot of chatter about the place of rock music in 2012. They say it's irrelevant, stale and doesn't sell. Pop music is king, EDM is the rising star and hip-hop is the music of the youth. Rock is just a relic of a different age.

So if you're a rock band that aspires to more than getting a daytime slot at Buzzfest, what do you do? Well, perhaps you get past your personal dislike of Wentz and follow his lead. If you can't beat hip-hop, why not adapt some of their its as your own?

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