For Once Kanye's Anger Was Totally Justified

I like that Kanye West fellow. He may be the most fatheaded, arrogant jerk of all time in most of his interviews, but every once in a while he puts out a great album and makes us forget all the stupid things he said to Jimmy Kimmel or Zane Lowe.

He also has a habit of getting into fights -- verbal or physical -- for any reason presented to him. You may recall he just got out of a court case late last year for an alleged assault on a paparazzo who was trying to photograph him. He's back in the news for another alleged assault that occurred Monday, but this time it comes with a twist: For perhaps the first time, I believe, Kanye West was completely justified in his actions.

As detailed by TMZ, it all started at a chiropractor's office where West and his fiancée, Kim Kardashian, were stopping by for an appointment. What happened next was altogether bizarre. A young man apparently stepped up to yell at the paparazzi who were there to hound the couple, but then, when he started yelling some seriously racist, homophobic things at the photographers, Kim told him enough was enough.

He then allegedly turned on her, yelling racist epithets at her and Kanye. At that point, Kim supposedly went and got Kanye, and Yeezy came out swinging at the kid. It wouldn't be the first time Ye had resorted to violence under pressure, and it probably won't be the last.

Except this time, wow, was he ever justified if it's true what this kid was yelling at him. Normally I wouldn't advocate for violence, and all these allegations are still up in the air and for a court to decide. That being said, if the kid was saying what he's alleged to have been saying, then this may be the first time I can really say I'm on Kanye's side.

Language like that isn't appropriate in any context, but especially not hurled around like this. It may not be appropriate to come out and start throwing punches, but if there's anything that would incite me personally to violence, it would be this. I can totally see where Kanye was coming from.

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Viewed in the light of his recent crusading for social justice, as heard in the lyrics of Yeezus tracks like ""New Slaves" and "Black Skinhead," the words become all the more potent. Kanye is hardly unaware of the social injustices that plague his people, and he's been making some pretty bold statements about them lately. It's good to see him put his money where his mouth is, even if it will very soon land him in court.

Depending on how you look at it, the further allegations against the young man made by Kim Kardashian are even worse. She's filing her own police report now because she alleges the kid threatened to kill her. Racism and homophobia hurt, but they aren't fatal. If he really started throwing around threats, that just makes Kanye's reaction even more justified.

So at the end of the day, the moral of the story is probably that you should watch what you say to people in general, but especially to Kanye West. He's got a history of doing this sort of thing for the wrong reasons, and if you give him the right reason, it appears he's not going down without a fight. Good for him, as these things have no place in public discourse in 2014.


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