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For Rappers, How Commercial Is Too Commercial?

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MJ: I would say me. I've been putting everything in my music, just the way Walmart puts everything in their store: "I Put everythanggg in dis here, I WALMART IT, off "Reality" featuring Killa Kyleon.


In case you don't know what that is, here.

MJ: Killa Kyleon. I say Killa would be the perfect spokesperson for Spyderco Knives. As they always stay on point with the new gadgets, Killa always stays on point and very sharp with his lyrics and delivery.


MJ: The Whole New Houston to me should represent.The quote for Hoover Vacuums is "Don't Clean with a Dirty Machine," so im looking at it like, all the new cats from Marcus Manchild, Eskabel, Delo, Killa, Niceguys, Propain are out cleaning the city up, making a new face for Houston.

These guys are out here cleaning up the rumor that Houston artists can't rap or show lyricism, and were all killin it. Shout out to New Houston. #autoooo*

*This is Mookie's catchphrase that makes no sense to read, but perfect sense in song.

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