For Sale: One Guitar, Slightly Peed On

Here's a lovely way to start off the week. Naturally, it comes to us from Craigslist. Just in time for summer vacation, in case any of you recent grads are thinking about starting a band, or a summer tour if you're already in one, a local musician posting under the name "Dean Vendetta" - which we now understand is the make and model of the guitar - is willing to part with that fine wood-toned instrument you see right there.

Bear in mind he wants 500 bucks, and his price is firm. Oh, and there are a couple of other caveats, which perhaps explain why this musician chose to remain anonymous. For one thing, Vendetta isn't very high on the guitar's resale value: "This thing isn't worth a crap new, and is pretty banged up." Helpfully, he goes on to explain why: "I dropped it down a flight of stairs and then my bass player peed on it becuase it sucks so bad so it does have a few scratches and a bit of an odor. All of this only added to the value though." There you have it? What's a little ammonia-like odor when it comes to rock and roll? You think Slash never peed on one of his guitars? Or one of Izzy's? Vendetta requests you contact him "only if seriously interested." However, he says he might be willing to throw in a soft case and "possibly a guitar pick to sweeten the deal." Can't see how anyone could hardly pass that up. Sound appealing? Go for it.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.