For the Benefit of Mr. Projector

Mr. Projector breaks it down...


During the last year of writing the Nightfly, we've had the opportunity to meet some thoroughly entertaining people. There was the gentleman who managed to turn playing the guitar with his crotch into an art; the ostentatious club owner who made it a point to have us conduct the requisite interview inside his very impressive Range Rover; even a gaggle of hippie throwbacks who may or may not have condoned smoking a certain illegal substance in the open. One of our favorites, though, remains the Sunday Punchers, the scooter club we met while covering Big Star Bar in NorthHeights.

It is with a heavy heart, then, that we report on the plight of Mr. Projector.

Mr. Projector (Aaron Ball), a full-fledged member of the Sunday Punchers, suffered a seemingly ordinary one person crash around the time of the hurricane. He sustained a leg fracture and some major road rash but seemed to be in a favorable state of mind when released from the hospital shortly thereafter.

One week later, however, Mr. Projector had developed a very nasty, very serious, very rare staph infection that ultimately spiraled into him needing to have open-heart surgery. His hospital bills have since piled up at an incredulous pace. If that wasn't enough, Mr. Projector is sans medical insurance.

Things have gone well since the surgery but Mr. Projector is in dire need of financial assistance, obviously. Too help out, simply hit up thinkstreamfilms.com and click on the Paypal button. They're happy to get the type of money that jingles, but they'd rather get the type that folds. - Shea Serrano

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.