For The Final Four: 9 Musicians Who Love College Sports

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After weeks of anticipation and preemptory hand-wringing over where we're going to park on Washington Ave. this weekend, the Final Four is Finally here. As with any other time a marquee sporting event comes to Houston, you can count on some familiar themes in media coverage: Where to party, which celebrities are coming to town, and where the celebrities are partying.

Rocks Off understands there will also be coverage of these so-called..."basket ball" games. Hey, whatever floats your boat.

We kid, because musicians are some of the biggest sports fans out there. Most can be found supporting their professional team of choice - Jay-Z and the University of Kentucky New Jersey Nets, Jamie Foxx and the Dallas Cowboys, Lady Gaga and the Yankees...okay, not really - but Rocks Off was able to dig up some who favor the college game as well.

None of them will have any reason to cheer this weekend, sorry to say.

9. Boyd Tinsley (University of Virginia): The Dave Matthews Band violinist is an avid tennis fan and donated money to UVA to construct a new facility. It doesn't quite make up for "Crash Into Me," but every little bit helps.

8. Phish (Wisconsin): We're actually basing this solely on anecdotal evidence that Trey Anastasio wanted to play hockey for the Badgers. To think, mankind might have been spared countless hours of pointless guitar wankery.

7. Brad Delson (UCLA): Word is the Linkin Park guitarist's 2009 commencement speech went over pretty well. Rocks Off searched for any video evidence of Delson punctuating "follow your dreams" with the riff from "Numb" to no avail.

6. Kings of Leon (OU): The Followill brothers and company are big Sooner fans, showing up at pre-game tailgate parties and performing with one of the team's football helmets onstage. Now we know what that pigeon was really aiming at.

5. Sister Hazel (Florida): Three members of the band attended the school, and they were featured on the CD This is Gator Country, which was distributed by the UF Athletic Association. Rumors that their recent inactivity is linked to coach Urban Meyer's retirement are thus far unconfirmed.

4. Rascal Flatts (Ohio State): Lead singer Gary LeVox graduated from the Ohio State University and the band can often be seen at Buckeye games, as if you needed another reason to dislike them.

3. Russell Crowe (Michigan): Hey, he's sort of a musician. At least, we're not about to tell him otherwise (especially if there's a phone nearby). Harder to explain is the Aussie's dedication to Wolverine football. Reportedly he's a big fan of ex-coach Lloyd Carr, though we suspect he's a closet Red Dawn fan.

2. Snoop Dogg (USC): If you're from Los Angeles, you've really only got one choice when it comes to football (no offense, Bruins). Southern Cal, under former coach Pete Carroll, was a perennial national-championship contender. We don't know if Lane Kiffin will have as much success (it seems unlikely), but right now L.A. is Trojan country. Snoop knows this.

1. Nick Lachey (Cincinnati): Rocks Off would like to make some comment about bland, uninspiring pop singers cheering for teams from bland, uninspiring cities, but we have friends in Cincy. Bland, uninspiring friends.

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