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Foxy Shazam: Rock's Next Great Glam Hope?

Superlatives begin to run dry when talking about Cincinnati's Foxy Shazam, who open for Hole tomorrow night at House of Blues. Foxy is a stadium-sized band playing clubs and mid-sized theaters, threatening to burst each venue at the seams during any minute of their hour-long sets.

With this year's self-titled third album, the Shazam keeps making their case to be rock and roll's next biggest band. On 2008's Introducing, they laid down speed-infused Queen and Meat Loaf musical workouts. Foxy Shazam easily quadruples Introducing in terms of hooks, wide-screen theatrics and a dash of R&B here and there. The vocal hysterics of lead singer Eric Sean Nally seal Foxy's glam-rock deal - every song is an anthem-in-waiting, and each could either be a set opener or a devastating encore capper.

Live, Nally rewrites the rules for what a modern-rock lead singer should do, with his Freddie Mercury squeal and stage antics, which during a March run through SXSW and other Texas stops included ingesting lit cigarettes and aerobics. Rocks Off talked to Nally at a recent tour stop and asked him exactly what a Foxy Shazam is, what's behind their sound and details on his songwriting gig for Meat Loaf's new album, Hang Cool Teddy Bear.

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Craig Hlavaty
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