Frankie Rose Goes for a "Night Swim"

I was already familiar with the stunning work of Frankie Rose from her role in the Dum Dum Girls. Now she's out unsupervised with a solo album, Interstellar, and it more than lives up to her "other" project's excellence. I was sent along a promotional video for the song "Night Swim," and it's another one that proves that the art of the music video is alive and well.

This video, predictably, involves a night swim, but director Laurel Parmet makes sure that's the last mundane thing you can expect. The girl that plunges into the murky water isn't Rose, although the resemblance is uncanny enough that it doesn't hurt to picture her living out the embodiment of her own song.

While her trek starts out as an exhilarating jaunt through empty waters in a primal act, it quickly turns into something horrifying.

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