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Free Press Houston Announces "Summer Fest" Line-Up

The chill dudes across town at Free Press Houston dropped an awesome bomb this afternoon, announcing their two-day "Summer Fest" shindig, set to go down August 8 and 9 at Eleanor Tinsley Park. Tickets are at $7 for each day, with the line-up spread out over those two days.

The headliners that Editor Omar Afra and his team have secured are mind-blowing, in addition to the amassed stable of talent that Houston has begun to build up in the past few years rounding out the bill.

This show is some straight-up "Pitchfork" stuff, from headliners Of Montreal and Broken Social Scene to Austin's doom-tastic The Sword. The organizers seem to also have an eye on H-Town's monstrous heat, so loose-fitting clothes and swim attire is being encouraged in the event's press release. They also say they'll offer free water on site.

With our own Houston Press Music Awards Showcase happening just two weeks earlier on July 26 and the electro-centric Texas Heat Music Fest descending on Jones Plaza over the 4th of July holiday, there will be plenty of sunburned folks looking for aloe vera at our city's almost obscene plethora of drug stores.

We can only imagine what all of our town's fair hipsters will come up with to brave the summer heat for this festival. No doubt, extra trucks of provisions from the American Apparel warehouse in Los Angeles are heading this way now, FEMA-style.

And as a veteran of the "Look at This Fucking Hipster" website, Rocks Off will be waiting in the shadows with his Canon camera looking for sweet retribution.

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Craig Hlavaty
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