Free Tickets for Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and G.G. Allin... Sort Of

It's a veritable tribute band meltdown at the House of Blues this weekend, and we have a handful of free tickets up here at Rocks Off HQ to get you into three sure-to-be drunken shows starting this evening. Come pick 'em up at the front desk at 1621 MIlam, Suite 100, until 6 p.m. On the bill tonight is California-based Led Zeppelin tribute band Zoso, who pull off Robert Plant and company's monstrous mythic blues-rock scarily accurately. The band has been plugging away on the Zep tip for 14 years. That's actually two years longer than the actual Zep lasted until John Bonham took over the drummer's chair for Jimi Hendrix's band in Heaven.

Saturday night, GetBack hits the stage at HOB for a night of Beatles covers. GB is actually the cast of the long-running stage show


on tour. Along with the locally-based Fab 5 tribute act, Houston is a good place to be this weekend if you have a hankering for some Liverpool stomping. If you're having a hard time waiting for the Fabs' full-catalog reissues or the upcoming edition of "Rock Band," both hitting stores in September, this show should sate your appetite until then. If you have a mother that also happens to be a lady, than you are in luck. Wait...what? Sure, you could spend Mother's Day at the Black Eyed Pea, but they don't serve booze there now do they? Why not truck Mom over to "L'Eighties Night" at HOB on Sunday, where all ladies' drinks are only a buck. ThunderPants, who hit the stage at 10 p.m., are another in a line of crazy-costumed cover bands that are making the rounds, but these guys actually look and sound kind of dangerous. Imagine if G.G. Allin was in an '80s cover band... you get the idea. Maybe if you get your ol' Momma trashed she will forgive you for hording all of her


magazines in junior high. Sinner...

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