Free X Ticket with CD Purchase at Cactus

While they last, Cactus Music is giving away one free ticket to X's June 3 show at Warehouse Live with the purchase of any two of the legendary L.A. roots-punks' CDs at $9.99 a pop. Of course that means if you buy four, you and a friend/date (how long before that's one word? Is it already?) can go for free. Since everyone should own these albums anyway - at least the first four - it's not a bad deal at all.

Just to refresh your memory, that's 1980's Los Angeles ("Johnny Hit and Run Pauline," "Nausea"); 1981's Wild Gift ("We're Desperate," "White Girl," "In This House That I Call Home"); 1982's Under the Big Black Sun ("The Hungry Wolf," "Riding With Mary"); and 1983's More Fun in the New World ("The New World," "True Love," "Devil Doll"). I saw X close out SXSW at Emo's this year and they were hotter than the X on the cover of Los Angeles; even better, the Detroit by-God Cobras are opening.

You can also register to win a free show poster autographed by the band (no purchase necessary). And tickets are $22 the normal Ticketmaster route - i.e. no free CDs - so if I were you I'd get over to Cactus ASAP. -- Chris Gray

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