Frickin' Lasers: Six Artists Who Could Really Use Them

If you don't have tickets for tonight's Ghostland Observatory show at Warehouse Live, you are shit out of luck. Sorry to say, but the show is sold out, and when things sell out at that venue, they mean it. Seriously, you may have to watch show from inside a garbage can in the back. It's all too bad because if you haven't seen the Austin electro act's laser show, you really are missing out.

More bands should have laser shows in their acts, as they seem to be wasted on bands that don't need them. As cool as it was and he is, there was no reason for Tom Petty to be bathed in lasers a month ago at his Woodlands gig. For some reason everyone who plays that venue thinks they need lasers. Jack Johnson may have even had them, but we can't remember.

Most bands that use lasers know how to use them correctly: My Morning Jacket, Daft Punk, Tool, Flaming Lips, Lady Gaga. Even Crystal Castles use them with their usual strobes. It's a nice throwback to the concerts of yore, and the ever popular Laser Pink Floyd spectacles that come through town at your favorite planetarium. They seem to be the only band that deserved lasers. They sounded like lasers. Daft Punk look like lasers.

What bands should add lasers to their live repertoire? Funny you should ask.

Arcade Fire: This is a long time coming.

Peaches: She doesn't have them already? Even Kesha has lasers!

Iron & Wine: The lasers will run like the tears down your face during "That One Song With The Sad Bastard Lyrics They Play At The Coffee Place".

Sufjan Stevens: Doesn't this make you nerds wanna cream your deck shoes?

Bright Eyes: Wouldn't Conor look perty with green lasers on him?

David Allan Coe: Laser rebel flag, y'all!

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.