Friday Night: Aesop Rock at Fitzgerald's

Aesop Rock, Edison, Dark Time Sunshine Fitzgerald's August 10, 2012

It was a characteristically hot August night in the H on Friday, but I'd wager that no place was hotter than the upstairs room at Fitzgerald's. The club was crowded with sweating hip-hop heads anticipating hot rhymes, hot beats and maybe even a haircut or two from San Francisco's indie-rap icon Aesop Rock.

The bearded MC is rushing across the country these days performing and promoting Skelethon, the new album that finds him doing all of the writing, rhyming and production himself for the first time.

The assemblage at Fitz was anxious to hear the new songs live, but Aesop didn't come alone. Openers Dark Time Sunshine, featuring MC Onry Osbourne and DJ Zavala, warmed the crowd up by chilling them out. The duo's music is gentle and introspective -- headphones rap. The deep sound collages produced by Zavala had an almost ethereal quality, approaching something akin to new-age hip hop.

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Nathan Smith
Contact: Nathan Smith