Friday Night: Andrew Karnavas At McGonigel's Mucky Duck

Andrew Karnavas McGonigel's Mucky Duck July 16, 2010

We did not plan on writing a review of Friday night's Andrew Karnavas show at the Mucky Duck, but after sitting in on near two hours of super-solid folksy Americana (and some blues, too) it seemed like it had to be done. Notes from the show:

  • You know what's cool about the Mucky Duck? When you're on The List to see the show, they print up these little cards with your name on them and reserve a table for you right near the front. You can show up two minutes before the set starts and it's no problem at all. It's like Goodfellas, except you don't have to join the Witness Protection at the end.
  • Karnavas is tall and thin and handsome and talented, and has very manly-looking hands. These are all desirable traits, apparently. At one point in the evening, after Karnavas made some innocuous statement like, "Thanks for sticking around, it's a long set," several women made several dirty jokes ("Long is good," and things of that nature). If you can't get laid after taking a girl to a Karnavas show, there just might not be any hope for you.
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Shea Serrano