Friday Night: Black Breath, Martyrdöd & More at Walter's

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The new Walter's isn't easy to find if you don't know where you're going, and the road construction in the area took a little longer to work around than I'd planned. I arrived too late to catch Ft. Worth hardcore punks Wild//Tribe, but Dallas' Power Trip was whipping right along at full steam. The dance floor was wide open when I walked in, and it didn't take long to figure out why: fists, elbows and knees flew in every direction as soon as the band lit into a breakdown.

After a kid landed some kind of capoeira cartwheel kick onto my neck, I decided to move out of range. Walter's hasn't changed that much, it seems. Power Trip got a great response from the crowd with their furious stabs of crossover thrashcore, inspiring some vicious slamming from the dedicated 'core bros in attendance.

The next group up was Milwaukee's Enabler. The floor punchers must have come specifically for the early bands, because the crowd thinned out noticeably for these guys. It was their loss: Enabler rewarded the audience members who weren't outside smoking with a bleak and bitter blend of hardcore and metal.

"False Profit" was the set's highlight, a sharp, one-two whip-crack of supersonic hate followed by a pummeling metal riff. Heads banged hard.

"No one is coming back from the dead!" screamed vocalist Jeff Lohrber, and by God I believe he meant it.

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