Friday Night: Covenant at Numbers

Covenant, The Break Up Numbers August 31, 2012

I couldn't believe that this was Covenant's first Houston show, and much thanks must go to Roberth Ehlinger of The New Beat and John Housman and David Spade of Past Present Productions for making it happen.

It cannot be overstated just how popular they are in the goth club scene. I would dare you to find a single Underworld-goer that does not own a copy of Northern Light. It's quite simply one of the finest EBM/future pop recordings ever done, and tracks from it never fail to fill the dance floor. This proved as true live as it does in the hands of the spinners.

I've remarked on many occasions how bands like VNV Nation and Nitzer Ebb all take a page from the book of televangelism, with their front men dancing the line between pop stars and popular prophets. Covenant's Eskil Simonsson is certainly no exception. Dressed in a sharp suit and a thin tie, he sauntered out like a combination of Dave Gahan and Mephistopheles Smith before grabbing the mike and letting loose that iconic voice.

Still, I felt bad for the Swede in this heat. He lost the jacket fairly early on and often broke for water at the back of the stage.

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